What is a Mutual Fund

Mutual fund is a collective investment vehicle and its shares belong to several investors. The fund's assets are invested in securities and money market instruments according to the mutual fund regulation. Mutual funds are not legal entities.

Why should I invest in a Mutual Fund

Mutual funds are an investment solution that covers the investors' needs depending on their scope and the level of investment risk they wish to undertake. By investing in mutual funds you can benefit from the following significant advantages:

• Professional management. Your portfolio is managed by qualified and experienced professionals.

• Investment diversification. Mutual funds invest in a significant number of securities resulting in the minimization ofinvestment risk.

• Liquidity. Mutual Fund shares can be liquidated upon your request and the redemption amount is credited in your bank account.

• Access to markets all over the world. Through your investment in Funds of Funds, you gain access to investment products managed by the top investment management companies worldwide, with low investment costs.

• Institutional Security. The fund’s assets are held under the absolute responsibility of the custodian-a banking institution.

• Transparency and supervision by the Hellenic Capital Market Commission.

How can I invest in Mutual Funds?

The investment process is described as follows:

• Visit an Optima bank branch or our central offices.

• Fill in the suitability questionnaire to identify the mutual fund(s) that match your investment profile.

• We inform you about the main characteristics of the Mutual Fund such as past performances, the investment risk and the expenses and commissions. Also, we provide you with the "Key Information Document" as well as any other informational material upon your request.

• Fill in the application form, submit all identification documents required as proof of your identity and we issue your personal investment code.

• To complete the procedure, you deposit the amount you wish to invest to the mutual fund's account.

How can I liquidate my investment?

You may visit an Optima bank branch or our central offices, and submit your application mentioning the amount you wish to liquidate and your bank account. The amount will be available in your bank account instantly.

How do I get information about my investment?

Every 6 months, you receive in your mailing address a statement of your investment portfolio. Also, you may contact an Optima bank branch or our central offices.

Is it possible to add beneficiaries in my investment account?

Yes. Mutual Funds are subject to the provisions of a joint account which apply to bank deposits, with all positive consequences for the persons participating in the joint account.