Optima income 2029 bond fund

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Investment objective

The Fund aims to achieve a return based on its investment policy, derived from both income and capital appreciation, mainly through investments in a diversified portfolio of bonds denominated in Euro.


Investment policy

In order to achieve its investment objective, the Fund invests at least 65% of its net asset value in bonds, on average quarterly. Additionally, the Fund may invest in deposits, money market instruments, other securities, UCITS and other collective investment undertakings of par. 1(e) of article 59 of Law 4099/2012, and does not intend to invest in stocks. The Fund invests its assets mainly in a portfolio of government and corporate bonds, listed either in the domestic market or in regulated markets abroad. Also, the Fund aims to make the best possible use of its cash by investing it in interest-bearing investments in the form of fixed-term deposits and other related money market instruments. In the context of effective management and/or hedging of the risk of its assets, the Fund may take long or short positions in derivative instruments on bonds.


Investor profile

The Fund mainly targets investors with a 5 year horizon seeking income through a diversified bond portfolio consisting mainly of bond issues denominated in Euro, willing to take a corresponding level of investment risk.

Risk Indicator

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Performance calculation


- The average annual return is suggested for calculation periods longer than one year.

- If the dates which appear in the above table are different from the ones you have entered, it is attributed to their adjustment to the latest available net unit price. Additionally, if the initial calculation date selected concerns a period before the Fund’s inception date, then the system will show the results from the Fund’s inception date (initial net unit price).