Company identity

Optima asset management Mutual Funds Management Company (Registration Number of Hellenic Business Registry: 003581901000, Authorization of the Hellenic Capital Market Commission 7/175/9.11.1999), was established on 14/12/1999 with the objective to manage mutual funds and investment portfolios. The Company operates pursuant to the provisions of Law 4099/2012, as well as the relevant regulations of the competent authorities.

The current form of the Company came from the merger of the companies Marfin M.F.M.C., Egnatia M.F.M.C., Laiki M.F.M.C. and Marfin Global Asset Management INVESTMENT COMPANY S.A. in July 2007, which led to the creation of Marfin Global Asset Management M.F.M.C. In April 2013 the Company was renamed to CPB Asset Management M.F.M.C. and in September 2019 the Company's corporate name was changed to Optima asset management M.F.M.C.

The Company has been distinguished for its performance during the last years, taking advantage of its long-standing experience in managing mutual funds. It offers a full range of investment products and services, for private and institutional investors, providing direct access to major international markets. It is a member of the Hellenic Fund and Asset Management Association.