1st among balanced funds in greek market for 2022!
1st among balanced funds in greek market for 2022!

Optima greek balanced fund

Optima asset management

Optima asset management is active in the field of collective investment management and investment portfolio management with a presence in the Greek market since 1999. The Company is a member of the Optima bank group and distributes its products through the bank's branch network. The Company manages 9 mutual funds in the bonds, equity, balanced and fund of funds categories. At Optima, we believe in the continuous improvement of our products and services based on core values such as transparency, trust and integrity. Our customers are our priority and our aim is to offer them the best (Optimum). For this reason we develop investment solutions for each type of investor depending on their needs and goals.

Mutual Funds

The Company currently offers 9 Mutual Funds, that apply to the needs of several types of investors, depending on their investment profile (from conservative to aggressive) and the time horizon of the investment. Trust the know-how, the experience and the reliability of the specialized executives of Optima asset management, and give your money "value". You will find the product that suits your needs here.