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Mutual fund 
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Redemption price 
Optima smart cash bond fund (R)EUR15,333,524.092,984,498.9455.13775.29184.9836...X
Optima income 2028 bond fundEUR21,361,024.932,113,427.37110.107310.41059.8041...X
Optima income bond fundEUR7,940,661.49759,436.99410.456010.769710.1423...X
Optima greek income bond fundEUR16,353,099.911,539,092.33410.625210.944010.3064...X
Optima greek balanced fund (R)EUR36,893,693.073,370,903.57410.944711.273010.6164...X
Optima hellenic equity fund (R)EUR31,704,024.6017,241,891.1321.83881.89401.7836...X
Optima global selection fund of funds balanced (R)EUR3,947,449.391,171,476.1543.36963.47073.2685...X
Optima premium selection fund of funds equityEUR7,398,564.581,177,701.2786.28226.47076.0937...X
Phoenix hellenic equity fundEUR1,754,503.412,676,149.0450.65560.67530.6359...X
Fast Finance Growth and Income Strategy balanced fund (R)EUR564,933.8042,835.05413.188613.584312.7929...X
Mutual funds net asset value in euro

Tip: The subscription and redemption prices of the above table, have been calculated based on the maximum entry and exit charges that are mentioned in the Mutual Funds’ regulations and are therefore indicative. The real subscription and redemption prices are calculated based on the current entry and exit charges that are mentioned in the Company’s existing pricing policy